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The People's Alternative

Giving you the information and resources needed to influence our Elected Officials, leading to positive change in Legislation and Government.

The People's Alternative

We Believe

By providing ‘The People’ an opportunity to express their views, we can assist elected officials in understanding the most critical issues our nation faces, thereby influencing the evolution of government for the greater good. To fortify the representative and democratic processes, the public will have the power to influence reform and improve performance and effectiveness of our federal system.  We can persuade representatives to pass bills and hold advisory referendums on issues selected by Congress, as allowed by the Constitution. They can advocate for legislation that calls for national referendum elections on those issues and can also request Congress to introduce legislation and establish procedures through ordinary law for holding national advisory referendums on questions proposed by ‘The People’, thereby giving Americans more than just an occasional vote.

The People's Alternative
The People's Alternative


Our Priorities



Here at The People’s Alternative, we both publish and broadcast your opinions about the current government, its impact on us, and the changes that need to be made for the government at all levels to serve us better. Our public forum, as well as our podcast, is provided for the exchange of ideas and responses.


Strategy For Change

The People’s Alternative, through the voice of the people, will advocate for reforms to improve federal government. By generating substantial public interest, we aim to secure the support of our congressional representatives and promote the introduction of preferred legislation. With millions of American citizens actively participating in The People’s Alternative, it becomes inconceivable for members of Congress to dismiss our voice without offering a compelling explanation.



Our elected representatives are expected to accept and act upon the legislation preferred by the people. Those who disregard the voices of the millions of citizens involved in The People’s Alternative, without a valid reason, will be featured on the ‘Accountability’ page of our website. This ensures that you are fully informed when you step into the voting booth.



The People’s Alternative Podcast is available on this website as well as all major podcast platforms. By dedicating a small amount of your time, you’ll realize that your voice, when joined with millions of others, can introduce powerful and effective solutions for reform that cannot be ignored. Sign up to ensure you don’t miss an episode and witness the evolution of government.

A Look Inside

The People's Alternative

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The People's Alternative

Forum Discussion

Coming Soon

Coming together on topics & discussions related to making positive changes in our government and economic systems.


Topics will include, but are not limited to, government policies, individuals in leadership, and instruments of change that we can access and utilize.


Respectful and diverse discussions on the issues that matter most. Bring your ideas, solutions, and an open mind as we talk about how we can best join together for change.


Gain insights into how government is impacting the lives of fellow citizens, changes others believe should be made, and fundamental solutions to drive change for the greater good. Through this process, we will all recognize our unity and the need to stand together.


We believe that by joining us you will realize that you, along with all Americans, share similar views and that a unified voice is what we need. Sign up and become a part of the People’s Voice that drives lasting and definitive change in government.

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