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Our Ambition

By giving “The People” a chance to express their views and help elected officials understand what the people feel are the most important and critical issues our nation faces, we can change the evolution of government for the greater good. The public will also have the power to influence representatives to ratify or amend the Constitution and allow leaders to strengthen the representative and democratic processes by appealing directly to “The People”.


With your help we can make certain that the laws passed make a lasting difference and sustain the nation for future generations. You now have The Peoples Alternative as a platform from which you can be heard, and if legislators ignore the advice and the overwhelming choice of the people, their career in government will abruptly end as their bid for re-election will surely fail. If not, we can no longer blame “Washington” for we will have failed ourselves.


While the U.S. Constitution makes no specific provision for direct democracy, there are basic strategies for using direct democracy at a national level. With your participation we will make a difference in our nation’s future by using those powerful strategies.

Below we outline strategies for using direct democracy reforms and explain those with a more logical approach that create a greater chance of success than others. “The Peoples Alternative” will help give representatives the power to introduce and pass effective bills, ratify, or amend the Constitution and strengthen the representative and democratic processes by appealing directly to “The People”.


The most feasible reforms are those that do not require a constitutional amendment, and the following is a description of our methodology using those reforms:


An advisory referendum called by Congress, or the President, is the easiest way and it can be accomplished by Congress passing an act calling for a national referendum election. That legislation will call for a set number of advisory referendums and will be introduced by congressional delegates at the request of The Peoples Alternative. Once passed then the people would have a chance to give input and help their representatives to an outcome influenced by the power of consensus. This would end gridlock on an issue through the people’s voice…

The next logical approach is again an advisory referendum but called by petition. This is accomplished by creating a procedure through law and would not require an amendment to the Constitution. This is different from the first method in that the people make a proposal from a consensus of unanimity established by The Peoples Alternative.


The third approach is again an advisory referendum but is “required” on specific issues. Unlike the first two referendums, which leave it to the politicians or petitioners to determine if a referendum is held, this one makes a referendum mandatory.


There are recurring issues that affect the people or representatives more profoundly and shouldn’t be voted on without the people’s consent. It should be inherent that representatives seek the voter’s advice on vast issues affecting the people that pertain to taxes, prominent spending, debt, and so on.


It should be likewise inherent that the voter’s advice is asked when representatives are voting on conflict-of-interest laws where their terms in office, compensation, benefits, and voting laws are concerned. The process just described does not require a constitutional amendment, so congress can pass ordinary legislation and implement it.

There is one more referendum process called Binding Referendum but would require a constitutional amendment and would be extremely difficult. That’s for The Peoples Alternative to address sometime in the future when both the people and Congress have together drawn success through application of the first three referendums. Then there is Constitutional Amendments which are proposed by voter petition and otherwise known as Convention of the States. Unfortunately, it is the least likely and most difficult way to effect change. However, with our help the Convention of the States can eventually become a reality with less effort and in less time. All it really takes is for most of the voters to get involved.


As we all know, many of our nation’s laws are outdated and need reform. That reform meets obstacles all too familiar, and those obstacles can only be overcome by the will of the people. Just self- interest and pressure from the many special interest groups are enough to mention and encompass most of the overall weakness and corruption in government. We would hope, and have hoped that, instinctually our representatives would want the people to help with decision making, but control is moving more rapidly from the people to special interests, the many influential groups, judges, administrators, and elites. To go to a higher level, our recent past international agreements, which are treaties, have been titled executive agreements, giving the President the ability to act without consent of the US Senate. This all must end and “the people” are the solution…

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